Koneistamo Alm has specialized in contract manufacuring and system deliveries. Our goal is serve our customers with flexibility and good quality to achieve their need as an one company servicepoint. Our highly skilled personnels will ensure good profitability and quality connected with comparisable price.


We are delivering to our customers assembled and tested mechanical system products. Assemblies include self- manufactured parts and purchased components. Final testing is done acc. to customer spesifications and deliveries done as system vendor.

Tested product will be delivered to customer with one order line. Customers benefits are easy controllness, improved purchasing and cost-effectiveness.

Testattu kokonaisuus toimitetaan asiakkaalle yhdellä tilausrivillä. Asiakkaan hyötynä toimituksen ja valvonnan helppous, hallittavuuden parantuminen sekä kustannustehokkuus.